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Виктор Неизвестный

Команда форума
Янв 3, 2015


Happy Algorithm PRO which measures deflections of the correlative. Happy Algorithm PRO can also measure performance of the setting, do statistic analysis in order to get optimal hide SL and TP. We measure the valid deflection of the price of the particular correlative pairs and then we show the difference as a line. The close is usually presented in particular limit and these limits we currently count. As soon as the close reaches off the limit, we simply trade it and we close it after the return into the middle value. Happy Algorithm PRO trade system is primarily designated for all traders (as well as for new users) on the forex market. Happy Algorithm can trade on any large client accounts with Metatrader application.

New update EA Happy Algorithm PRO
  • modify the source code in a new MQL4 specified with strict compilation mode (#property strict)
  • new system generation serial number without using DLL. EA works faster in the front/back test.
  • added new settings: Optimization settings
New update EA Happy Algorithm PRO v1.1
  • improved strategy, change of currency pairs (EURUSD, USDCHF), optimization settings
New update EA Happy Algorithm PRO v1.2
  • improved strategy for a smaller number of trades
  • added setting: MaxTotalTrades
  • added chart info: Target and Profit in points
New update EA Happy Algorithm PRO v1.2.1
  • modify the source code for MT4 build 1170


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